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Khasi Hills Archery Sports Institute


Regd. No. SR/KHASI/29/82 OF 1982

Archery Shooting Ground (Polo) 4th Furlong.

Disclaimer : Reputed Counters listed here are licensed counters for Shillong Teer and do not have any affiliations with any other teer. Please ensure that the counters you purchase tickets from have a valid license number.

29 April 1981 - Present

The Khasi Hills archery Sports Institute is the official website page of Shillong Teer has Widely known globally, it's a local sports of the Khasi tribe which involves shooting of Arrow of around 30 -50 Shooters at one given target. The total arrows that hits the target will be counted and Hence the last two digits will be declared as the result for the day. e.g. if 1599 arrows hit the target. 99 is declared to be the result, there are 2 round off shooting Per day. Shooting time changeable.

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